Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Great Economic Crisis - A Time for Great Plans

The Great Economic Crisis – A Time for Great Plans

President Obama is talking about reviving FDR’s Works Project Administration and during the time of greatest economic crisis it is the time to talk about bold plans and projects.

Tonight I would like to introduce you to the Pasadena Region Trolley System, a proposal which has been in the works for the last year and has been the recipient of some generous consultancy work, which we hope shows in the thoughtfulness of the proposal.

The idea is to link the city by trolley going east from Old Pasadena on Green Street to PCC and then return traveling west on Union Street, than using the old Union Pacific Right of Way now on Caltrans property along the 210 Freeway outer edge and travel up behind Muir High School, travel east on Woodbury which has a median strip, travel north on Fair Oaks which is wide and fairly calm on this section, turn east on Mariposa, which is wide and calm, turning south on Lake Avenue going south to connect with the Union Green Street loop in the City Center.

This will link the greater city with historic trolleys as seen by the large San Francisco loop from the Presidio to Fisherman’s Wharf to the Market District presently in service. In conjunction with the Pasadena Arts Bus System, this would give a world class city, Pasadena, world class public transportation.

The City of Pasadena does well with national and international tourism around the New Year’s Holiday; let us embark on a bold step to continue this green revenue stream of tourism the entire year, as was once the case in Pasadena’s proud history.

A world class Pasadena tourist all year destination can allow us to cover over the 210 Freeway for the proposed Museum of the Americas, the JPL/NASA Air and Space Museum West, the site of the proposed Pasadena World Fair, and the site of the Olympic Games proposed to be held in Pasadena in the future, and make the City of Pasadena the center of Tourism, Arts, Culture, and Science of the West, truly the Athens of the West as envisioned by our City Father George Ellery Hale.

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